Tim Altman – Naturopath, Breathing and Wellness Coach

Tim Altman is a Naturopath & Nutritionist, Mickel therapist, retreat director, and breathing coach.
Tim originally completed a Bachelor of Science and entered Honours in Psychology. At the same time, he was training and competing at a national and international level in kayak paddling and surf lifesaving, with an eye to Olympic selection.
However, these plans changed as a result of developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This became a journey of several years, from initially finding out what was wrong to investigating various treatments and methods which eventually led to a return to peak health.
Throughout this process, what Tim learned was that what we consider normal health, is far from optimal. The exploration of optimal health and happiness, – that every person has the potential to experience – has been what has shaped Tim’s personal journey and his professional services as a Naturopath, respiratory therapist and Mickel Therapist.

Tim believes that in the modern, or Western world, we have created a huge mismatch between the bodies we have inherited (from our hunter-gatherer ancestors) and the hi-tech culture we have created. This creates a cascade of changes within us that contribute to the chronic illnesses that many of us suffer from; and result in 90% of the deaths in the Western World.
Essentially, this mismatch makes us ill, unhappy and under- perform in all aspects of our life. We then pass this lifestyle onto our children who experience the same issues and difficulties.

While his interests and professional services may appear diverse and widespread, Tim’s ongoing inquiry and research has created a very simple and practical common thread that pervades all of these aspects. That is to look at the most central aspects of living and performance and compare what we understand (from genetic, anthropological and evolutionary biology research) about how we are built or structured to perform these functions (ideally), with how we are currently living and performing.

Tim has written and published articles on several different aspects of health, wellbeing, living and on many topics. including respritarory therapy, Breathing Dynamics, nutrition, naturopathy, Mickel Therapy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS),

Tim also conducts clinical work at his practice in Torquay, as well as via phone or Skype for clients in remote areas.